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 IAHCP Society and SMC Admin Job Advert May 2022  - Closed




 Post:   Joint International Projects Administrator/Membership Assistant


Job Ref:                       IAHCP/SMC/Int/Admin/22 


Job Location:  London and Essex, England, United Kingdom, but the post holder will cover the membership services for national and international members and activities as required.



Job Description

A Joint International Projects Administrator/Membership Assistant , Corporate Secretary/Legal Officer and Editorial Assistant, Administrator/Personal Assistant is required to provide general joint administrative, secretarial, legal duties, editorial administrative work, attending meetings and hearings with appointed representatives, assisting in report preparations, dealing with queries, assisting in undertaking company secretarial work involving complying with legal requirements at the Companies House and other Governmental Agencies, working as a case worker on sponsored community projects and legal matters, and general administrative duties as required from time to time in the Collaborated Community Health, Social Care and Educational Projects Offices for the Joint IAHCP Society and Santamaria College, UK,  and  the collaborating international organisations in the community projects, including, the sponsored Fellows in the community or, community projects sites and other institutions as required, nationally and internationally. The project is based on undertaking various joint administrative activities, membership work, legal activities, research in healthcare issues and medical education, administering various community projects, assist in the work on the application of new technology in healthcare, and education, websites administration, courses and conference administration, and assists in the editorial work and production of various publications edited and authored in the Centre.


The major responsibility of the post holder will be to undertake general legal, editorial administrative and secretarial duties, international community projects administration, researching into, and assisting with  various aspects of legal and editorial work, preparing documents to be submitted to Typesetters and Publishers, liaising with Solicitors, Barristers, Advice Centres, Courts, Tribunals, Publishers of Journals, Embassies and research ethics committees, liaising with legal representatives and preparing documents to be sent to them, attending hearings and meetings and representing team members, preparing and dealing with various contract issues for the team and the sponsoring organisations, dealing with awards issues checking, editing and proof reading reports, articles and documents prepared by the team members before submission, preparing presentations of the teams work, preparing grant applications and submitting them by the deadlines, attending and presenting teams work in national and international conferences, facilitating discussion and focus groups in legal and ethical issues in healthcare, undertaking some teaching and assisting in staff supervision. The post holder will also be working with the appointed agents and the collaborating community Professional Legal and Corporate Services (PLCS) or their appointed representatives, and liaising with various health and social care professionals in the community as required.


Wage Rates: 

£5 per hour for people aged 16 – 17 Year Old

£6.90 per hour for people aged 18 - 20 Year Old

£9.50 per hour for people aged 21 Year Old and Over


Application Mode:


Please send your CV to .  You will also be required to complete and application form, which will be sent to you after your enquiry.


Closing Date for Application is:        4 July 2022 – Currently Closed




Santa Maria College is a Not For Profit Organisation, and also an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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Various international locations where the Association of Health Care Professionals (AHCP) and International Association of Health Care Professionals (IAHCP) Society members are based.







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