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Postgraduate Courses


Santa Maria College offers various postgraduate healthcare courses and educational opportunities, which are outlined below:



1. Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas in Medical and Healthcare Education Courses

These courses are designed for those who are involved in teaching of healthcare professionals and want to develop their teaching skills or for other individuals who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in teaching and learning methods in medical and healthcare education, including exploring all issues in health care education.

• Curriculum Development
• Assessment methods in medical education
• Teaching and learning methods
• Problem-based Learning Approach
• Small group teaching
• Instructional material development
• Research methods in medical education
• The use of computers in medical education
• Continuous medical education and Continuous professional development
• Information Technology and Computing Skills Courses
• Co-operative learning method
• Learning styles
• Community-based Education

Results-oriented teaching

2. Courses on how to deal with Refugees


These courses are designed for those who work with refugees in public and voluntary organisations for proving knowledge and practical guides on how to deal with refugees’ issues.

• Courses on how to deal and work with refugee patients
• Professional development for Refugees Healthcare Professionals
• Needs assessments for Refugees
• Learning needs assessments for Refugees Health Professionals

3. Health Promotion Courses


These courses are designed for all healthcare professionals, students and members of the public to understand the importance of health promotion issues and techniques in society.

Smoking Cessation
• Homelessness
• Basic Hygiene
• Sexual Health
• Lifestyle issues
• Dealing with obesity and overweigh

4. Medical Law

We offer programmes on legal and ethical issues in healthcare, including medico legal matters and ethical dilemmas affecting medical practice, including teaching of medical law practical techniques as follows:.

• Educational needs of medial law
• Medico-legal aspects of confidentiality
• Informed consent
• Analysis of current practices
• Educating health professionals and patients on medical legal aspect of man-made-diseases


5.  Medical Informatics Programmes

We offer various programmes on medical and healthcare informatics.  These range from certificates courses to Diploma and higher diploma course, which would lead to credits towards completion of master’s degree and PhD studies.


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