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Santa Maria College (SMC) consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced workers and professionals, who have special interests in promoting excellence in teaching and learning.   Our Team consists of:






Dr Monica Adams MD  PhD

Head of College


Dr Peter Walton PhD

College Registrar


Dr Mavis Belington PhD

Finance Manager






Ms Mabel Peterson MA

Events Manager


Ms Denise Jacobs MA

General Administrator






Dr Peter Fenton MD, PhD

Undergraduate Studies


Dr Anna Gerard MA, PhD

Undergraduate Studies, Tutor


Mrs Angela Cramer

Undergraduate Studies Administrator





Dr Jeremy Jenkins MD, PhD

Head of Postgraduate Studies


Dr Michael Farrell MD, PhD

Postgraduate Tutor


Mr Steven Eccles

Postgraduate Administrator



Continuing professional development (CPD) and Continuing medical education


 Dr Angela Webber MD, PhD

Head of CPD and CME Programmes


Dr Morgan Maloney, MD, PhD

Tutor in Medical Education


Dr Hannah Hamilton MD, PhD

Clinical Medicine


Mrs Christine Howard

CPD CME Programme Administrator





Dr Camilla Hansen BSc (Hons.), MSc, PhD

Senior Educational Psychologist


Dr Andrew Fairway

Senior Clinical Psychologist


Dr Angela Maher Beard, PhD

Senior Educator-Special Needs Children


Mrs Janice Waters

Special Needs Education Administrator





Dr Farah Ibrahim, MD, MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Skills


Dr Luke Paterson MD, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Medicine


Dr Jereme Ackerman MD, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Medical Education


Dr Jessica Abraham BSc, (Hons.), PhD

Lecturer in Medico-legal Studies


Dr Jason Jones MD, MPH

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and Public Health


Please note that we have many visiting lectures and researchers in the college.






We have a team of highly qualified and experienced advisors from various disciplines, who have been well established in their own rights.  They include:




Professor Dr Daniella Kingsley-Godwin,  BSc(Hons), MSc, MMedSci, DMED, MMED, MD, PhD, DMedSci, FRSPH, FHEA, ILTM



Professor Daniella Godwin is a highly qualified professional with strong background in medicine.   She has interests in general medicine, surgery, gastroenterology, global health, epidemiology, public health and general practice and primary care.  She also has extensive qualifications in software engineering, medical informatics and medical education.  She is a brilliant doctor, great scientist, experienced medical educator and highly competent medical researcher with many established projects internationally.  She is an accomplished Editor in Chief of many journals and publications, and author of many publications.   Professor Godwin advisees our team on many subjects and areas on interests, including medicine, surgery, medical and healthcare informatics matters, medical education matters, evidence-based medicine, medical innovations, and advances in medicine and medical practice, quality in patient care including publications issues.  Professor Godwin has developed many health information systems for promoting evidence-based medicine and practice, and education in various medical specialities.  She had also developed multi-databases, and distributed database systems to be used in the improvement of patient care, education and services in many healthcare settings internationally.  Professor Kingsley-Godwin has developed efficient systems for problem-based learning in medicine and community-based medical education in various organisations.  Her works in clinical and surgical skills training centres are impressive with the elements of the application of new technology in medical education and patient care. Professor Kingsley-Godwin has the knowledge of 18 languages, and fluent in many World languages with excellent communication skills.






Professor Samuel Nichols, MD PhD


Professor Samuel Nichols has background in medicine with specialist interest in medical education.  His work on computer aided learning has been used widely in teaching and learning in various systems.




Dr Jennifer Wellesley, MD PhD


Dr Jennifer Wellesley has vast knowledge in special needs education, and had developed various models in use in teaching and learning in the special needs environment.  She advises us on the different ways of improving the facilities in this very important area in education.



Professor Joshua Godwin,  LLB(Hons), MPHIL, FRSPH,  FHEA , ILTM



Professor Joshua Godwin is a Professor of Medical Law and Ethics, and he has backgrounds in law and medical research.  His expertise in medical law, ethics, public health and medical education, has led to the development of various teaching and learning models in these areas.  He also has interest in social policy and social welfare, public administration, global health, electronic patients’ records system including community-based education and research.  He had also designed many systems on these matters.    He has also published materials on education, law, medico-legal issues and social medicine.  His interests in electronic patients records and informatics has led to many projects in these subjects and produced many research projects and publications  in these areas.  Above all, Professor Godwin was one of the old students of Santa Maria College.







Admission and Administration Services


Finance Services


Estates Services


Personnel/HR Services


Publications Services


Research and Development Services




We are located at:

Various international locations where the Association of Health Care Professionals (AHCP) members are based.


The AHCP has a UK office at:


27 Old Gloucester Street
London WC1N 3AX, England, United Kingdom






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